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200-01 – 1 Litres

200-05 – 5 Litres

Solvent – Cleaner

Solvent Cleaner is a highly refined solvent used for cleaning and as a refined fuel for portable stoves and wick lamps. It is very fast drying and can be used for cleaning metal, hard plastic and painted surfaces. Solvent Cleaner leaves minimal residue after drying. 

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370-01 – 1 Litre

370-05 – 5 Litres

370-07 – 20 Litres

370-08 – 205 Litres

Air Tool Lubricant

Air tool lubricant is designed to increase the drive in air motors, reduce wear, to provide quieter operation in the work place and reduce vibration transferred to the operator. Will not dry out and Impact Guns just keep working.

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375-01 – 1 Litres

375-02 – 2.5 Litre

375-05 – 5 Litres

375-07 – 20 Litres

375-08 – 205 Litres

Power Steering Fluid

This product is for older (not new & under warranty) power steering systems regardless of type. It will provide more positive response, reduce noise & reduce the tendency to leak, especially in older farming machinery and cars not used regularly.

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454-07 – 20 Litres

Aquaclean Degreaser

Bimrose Aquaclean is a Heavy Duty Aqueous Degreaser consisting of a unique combination of surfactants, chelating agents, alkaline salts and water soluble solvents blended to give a cleaner and outstanding power whilst minimizing environmental impacts and maintaining “Quick Break” capacity.

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380-01 – 1 Litres

380-05 – 5 Litres

380-07 – 20 Litres

380-08 – 205 Litres

Bimrose Chain Bar Oil

A Chain Bar Oil that actually works. This oil will lubricate the chain and bar, will reduce the amount of oil used and reduce the wear on the chain and bar.

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385-01 – 1 Litres

385-05 – 5 Litres

385-07 – 20 Litres

385-08 – 205 Litres

Engine Assembly Lubricant

For the assembly of all mechanical components ie Motors, Transmissions, Diffs and Hydraulics, etc.

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390-0001 – 500ml C/pack

390-001 – 1 Litres C/pack

390-05 – 5 Litres

390-07 – 20 Litres

Super Slip

Super Slip is designed to give any oil that extra slipperiness, while at the same time, increasing its film strength. This should enable motors, gear trans and hydraulic components to move more freely using less power, therefore reducing power loss. This will enable that power saving, (3 kilowatts in a gen 3 5.7L V8) to be used driving the vehicles wheels, thus saving fuel. For automatic transmissions and hydraulic systems, add 1% by volume. For all types of engines, add 2%. For manual transmissions and differentials, add 5%. Super Slip is the only additive approved for use with any BIMROSE LUBRICANT. It is the only additive that will not void the warranty expressed by BIMROSE LUBRICANTS. Is very good in locks, rollers and slides.

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399-0001 – 500ml C/pack

399-001 – 1 Litre C/pack

399-05 – 5 Litres

399-07 – 20 Litres

Engine Flush-Aid

Engine flush-aid is designed to remove sludge & combustion by-products from all diesel engines. This is required in Japanese 4×4 and late model American truck motors fitted with an engine management system, which tends to produce more engine pollutants than exhaust pollutants. Even large diesels fitted with oil centrifuges are not able to extract the large amount of sludge present, most of which adheres to the interior of the motor and it’s components. In testing, we have found that we are removing up to 20-30% more by volume than sumps are supposed to hold, eg., a 10 litre Land Cruiser yielded nearly 13 litres. Reports indicate oil seals must be cleaned up as oil leaks are reduced or removed and there is less crankcase pressurising due to reduction of blow-by.

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405-01 – 1 Litre

405-05 – 5 Litres

405-07 – 20 Litres

Oil Stabiliser

May be used to reduce oil consumption, noise and temperature in all motors, transmissions, diffs, hydraulics and reduction boxes and is very good mixed 50/50 with our 85w140 in trailer hubs doing highway work.

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414-003 – 300ml

414-01 – 1 Litre

414-05 – 5 Litres

414-07 – 20 Litres

DOT 3 Brake Fluid

Is specifically designed for older model cars as well as a range of late model vehicles requiring Dot 3 over Dot 4 performance brake fluids. Exceeds FMVSS 116, Dot 3 and conforms to the following: Australian Standcard AS/NZS 1960-1995 Grade requirements. Should be replaced every twelve months under average driving conditions.

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415-003 – 300ml

415-01 – 1 Litre

415-05 – 5 Litres

415-07 – 20 Litres

DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Is an extreme duty brake fluid providing superior boiling point and high vapour lock temperature throughout its service life. Is compatible with all metals and rubber seals typically used in automotive brake and clutch components. Is suitable for all drum, disk and ABS Braking systems in medium and high performance vehicles. Meets or exceeds standards.

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453.01 – 1 Litre

453-05 – 5 Litres

453-07 – 20 Litres

Soluble Cutting Oil

Is a general purpose soluble cutting fluid that forms a white milky emulsion when mixed with water. For use in medium ferrous and non-ferrous metal applications. Standard mix ratio: 20 parts water to 1 part soluble cutting oil for light to medium applications.

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515-05 – 5 Litres

515-07 – 20 Litres

515-08 – 200 Litres

Back Rubber Oil

Released to the World in 2003 Bimrose Back Rubber Oil has achieved the highest acceptance rate possible. It not only chases Buffalo Flies on cattle, with or without insecticide but is proving so cost effective that people who were very doubtful at first, are now amongst it’s most dedicated users. Imagine if your cattle are standing still eating and putting on weight, they must be worth a lot more than when you weight poor cattle who have been walking around all day trying to chase flies of all types, not just Buffalo Flies. Equally effective on horses with March Flies and the Common Bush Flies.

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517-06 – 2.5 Metre

Self-feeding Backrubber

Made to disperse Bimrose Backrubber Oil.

235-07 – 20 Litres

235-08 – 205 Litres

Industrial Gear Oil ISO 150 220 320

Industrial , 150, 220, 320, are industrial gear oils that are blended from high quality virgin oil stocks together with the finest gear oil additives. They have outstanding thermal stability and provide excellent protection against corrosion. The high quality base oils provide excellent oxidation resistance resulting in extended oil life and reduced oil consumption.

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322-07 – 20 Litres

322-08 – 205 Litres


Bimrose Slideway 68 oil is a tacky, extreme pressure anti-wear machine tool slideway lubricant. Minimises stick-slip and chatter.

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316-07 – 20 Litres


Bimrose Misting Oil- Food Grade is a white mineral oil specially processed and packaged to ensure full compliance with purity standards for use as a processing aid to lubrication oil in food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Special Handling Note: While the inclusion of an FDA approved inhibitor in Bimrose Misting Oil- Food Grade greatly extends shelf life all white oils may darken and develop an odour if exposed to direct sunlight or stored at high temperatures. Accordingly White Oil should be stored at room temperatures or lower.

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510-002 – 2.5kg

510-007 – 20kg

Lithium Complex E.P. Grease

Lithium Complex is very good in sealed bearings, especially in electric motors and pumps in sawmill kilns using very toxic material. It is also very good in alternators and in cables requiring a light grease.

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511.001 – 450gms

511-002 – 2.5kg

511-007 -20kg

Super Red Lithtac NLG1 No.2 EP Multipurpose Grease

Since bringing our Super Red onto the market it has amazed our customers by its ability to cling to everything it comes into contact with and how small an amount of grease it takes to regrease, sometimes cutting grease used to 1/3. This is one reason all of our products cost less in the long term. Suitable for general servicing of all chassis, suspension and steering especially under severe and high shock loadings.

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Self Levelling Machinery Grease NLGI 00

High Temperature Self Levelling Grease. For self lubricating systems on trucks, tractors and machinery etc. Also used as Machinery grease for Cabinet-making, Joinery, Printing Plus Track Rollers on Bull dozers.

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135-01 – 1 Litre

135-05 – 5 Litres

135-07 – 20 Litres

135-08 – 205 Litres

Compressor Oil

Bimrose Compressor Oil is blended from highly refined virgin base oil, with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidisation and anti-wear additives to produce exceptional anti-foam and heat resistance properties. This oil is suitable for all types of reciprocating air compressors, piston, rotary and screw as well as vacuum pumps (as used in Dairies).Bimrose Compressor Oil is blended from highly refined virgin base oil, with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidisation and anti-wear additives to produce exceptional anti-foam and heat resistance properties. This oil is suitable for all types of reciprocating air compressors, piston, rotary and screw as well as vacuum pumps (as used in Dairies).

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