Transmission & Hydraulic Fluids

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Mineral Oils

309-02 – 5 Litres

309-05 – 20 Litres

309-07 – 205 Litres


Bimrose Auto Trans Fluid CVT is a high performance multi vehicle transmission oil for modern vehicles with Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). It is blended with synthetic base stocks and specialised additives to give the appropriate friction characteristics required while still providing excellent anti-wear performance for the transmission component. It extends transmission life by minimising wear, reduced deposit formations, longer service life due to the full synthetic base stocks and shear-stable additive technology.

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305-02 – 2.5 Litres

305-05 – 5 Litres

305-07 – 20 Litres


Supersedes the old DXII and was original fill in 4 speed electronic Commodores.

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310-01 – 1 Litre

310-02 – 2.5 Litres

310-05 – 5 Litres

310-07 – 20 Litres


For 4 speed electronic Falcons, etc. Developed to provide longer service life and cooler, smoother operation in 4 speed electronic autos and factory fill 5 & 6 speed manual gear boxes.

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312-02 – 2.5 Litres

312-05 – 5 Litres

312-07 – 20 Litres

Universal Tractor Oil CD/GL3/GL4

UTO is used mainly in older Massey Ferguson, David Brown, Fiat and International Tractors, in their motors, transmission & hydraulics.

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350-02 – 20 Litres

350-05 – 205 Litres

TO 4/10 Oil Transmission / Hydraulic Fluid

Bimrose TO 4/10, 4/30 4/50 and 4/60 are sophisticated transmission oils which have been developed to meet a range of transmissions used in agricultural and off-road equipment. They meet the requirements of the very latest Caterpillar TO-4, Allison C4, Komatsu and also Eaton and Dana manual transmissions. These oils provide excellent resistance to oxidation and friction and have desirable seal swell characteristics.

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315-02 – 2.5 Litres

315-05 – 5 Litres

315-07 – 20 Litres

Tractor Hydraulic Transmission Fluid

T.H.T.F. is the finest and strongest universal Tractor Hydraulic Transmission Fluid available.  It meets or exceeds the requirements of all major tractor manufacturers, ie. John Deere, Ford, Case, Fiat, Kubota etc. It even makes older Caterpillar Challengers steerable.

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324-05 – 5 Litres

324-07 – 20 Litres

324-08 – 205 Litres

H32 Hydraulic Fluid

Blended using Virgin Base Oil. Blended to reduce operating temperature of the fluid and component therefore greatly increasing a machine’s ability

to work at the same cycle rate hot as when it is cold. Increasing component life and significantly reduces down time. Ideal for Cryovac machines or small vacuum pumps.

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   –  5 Litres

   –  20 Litres

   –  205 Litres

Standard Hydraulic Fluid Standard ISO

Economical standard hydraulic oil available in all grades available on request.

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325-02 – 2.5 Litres

325-05 – 5 Litres

325-07 – 20 Litres & 330

Hi Temp Hydraulic Fluid ISO 46, 68 & 100

Our Hi Temp range of hydraulic oils will work all day without losing viscosity or workability. Should be used in all high efficiency hydraulic systems as in Harvesters, Excavators, Bob Cats, Backhoes etc and as it does not get hot, will not harden O rings, buckets or the rubber inside hydraulic hoses.

Available in ISO 46, 68 & 100, other Hydraulic oil grades available on request.

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360-07 – 20 Litres

360-08 – 205 Litres & 365

Transmission Fluid TO-4/30 SUMMER WEIGHT & TO-4/50

For power shift and manual transmissions in farming, mining and earthmoving machinery requiring TO4/10, TO4/30 & TO4/50 specs. Use TO4/30 Summer Weight as an All Seasons Oil and TO4/10 in Allison Transmissions & Hydraulics.

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Synthetic Oils

308-02 – 2.5 Litres

308-05 – 5 Litres

308-07 – 20 Litres

Synthetic DX 6 Transmission Fluid

Bimrose Synthetic DX 6 Transmission Fluid is an Automatic Transmission Fluid formulated from Synthetic base oils blended with a new generation additive package to provide a highly shear-stable automatic transmission fluid which meets the specific requirements of an extensive range of American, European and Asian vehicles and meeting Ford Mercon® V and Dexron VI.

It extends transmission life via performance anti-wear additives, enhanced frictional properties for
smoother gear changes, reduced deposit formations, longer service life due to the full synthetic base
stocks and shear-stable additive technology.

General Motors Dexron® IIIG/H Ford MERCON® MAN 339F Volvo 97340 Ford MERCON-V® Allison C4 Voith 55.6335.32 (G607) ZF TE-ML 16L / 17C

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