Engine Oils

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Mineral Oils

095-01 – 1 Litre

095-05 – 5 Litres

095-07 – 20 Litres

095-08 – 205 Litres

First Fill 30 SAE30 SF/CC

Ideal for that first very important sump fill after reconditioning to allow the rings and cylinder walls to “wear in” while protecting the rest of the motor.  It is frequently used later if a motor shows signs of oil consumption but not wear (Glazing).  Maximum usage 5000 km.

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100-01 – 1 Litre

100-05 – 5 Litres

100-07 – 20 Litres

100-08 – 205 Litres

Mono 30 SF/CD

Developed to fulfil the requirements of Briggs & Stratton and Honda mower and stationary engines, or where a low detergent Mono 30 petrol or diesel motor oil is required or recommended.

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105-05 – 5 Litres

105-07 – 20 Litres

105-08 – 205 Litres

Multi Use 10w40 SN/CF

For all types of 4 Stroke Multivalve, Multi Camshaft high revving petrol motors, even in Drag Bikes.

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110-05 – 5 Litres

110-07 – 20 Litres

110-08 – 205 Litres

Multigrade Super 15w50 SN/CF

Multigrade Super has surpassed our wildest dreams in both performance and acceptance.  It is the only engine oil I know of that can be safely used in all types of 4-stroke petrol and diesel engines in reasonable condition regardless of size.  It is being used by many large property and business owners as their only engine oil, removing the possibility of a worker adding the wrong engine oil.

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115-05 – 5 Litres

115-07 – 20 Litres

115-08 – 205 Litres

All Seasons Super 25w60 SG/CD

All Seasons Super offers the ultimate in year round protection for older or high mileage or competition  Petrol, Diesel or LPG engines with low oil pressure or oil consumption problems.  Very good in road bikes especially Motor Gussi, Harley Davidson, BMW, Goldwing, Ducati, etc. Has high Zinc content (anti-wear) for flat tappet motors.

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120-05 – 5 Litres

120-07 – 20 Litres

120-08 – 205 Litres

Rejive 40w70 SG

Rejive will give a new lease of life to tired old motors by reducing blow-by, oil consumption and oil leaks, will increase compression and oil pressure.  It is very good in vintage and classic bikes, cars and machinery, Harley Shovels and is excellent in 2 stroke GM Diesel’s.

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123-05 – 5 Litres

123-07 – 20 Litres

123-08 – 205 Litres


Meets Ford 10w30, WSS-M2C910-A1, Japanese VTN, Energy Conserving II ILSAC GF/1 and GF/2. A.P.I. SJ/SH specifications for Ford Falcons AU on, Nissan, Honda, Jeep, Sabaru and Toyota or where economy and pollution control is required.  Also required by O.E.M.’s in some later model mowers.  The Ford specification has been upgraded to 10w30 replacing 5w30.

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125-05 – 5 Litres

125-07 – 20 Litres

125-08 – 205 Litres

Rally 50 SG/CD

Rally 50 was designed for and has proven itself in Drag, Sprint, Saloon, Rally, Large Motorcycle and older competition vehicles requiring an oil with the highest film strength and lots of body.

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130-01 – 1 Litre

130-001 – Ch/pack

130-05 –  5 Litres

130-07 –  20 Litres

Two Stroke Oil TC-W3

Bimrose 2 Stroke TC-W3 is a special two-stroke oil formulated from high quality base oils and an excellent additive package in order to meet the strict requirements of the National Marine Manufacturers Association TC-W3 standard. The base oil selection ensures virtually smokeless operation. This product provides superior performance in water cooled two-stroke engines (pre-mix or oil injected) and has a selected lubricity enhancer.

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145-05 – 5 Litres

145-07 – 20 Litres

145-08 – 205 Litres

New Generation 15w40 CI-4/SL ACEA E3/B3/A3

Our 15w40 New Generation can be used for turbo or non-turbo petrol or diesel engines.  It is designed to meet the latest European Japanese & American low pollution, high output diesel engine oil specifications.  It gives the very best soot control, resists oxidation and bore polishing over normal CI-4 oils.  Will reduce oil and fuel consumption without any loss of its anti-wear ability.  It meets Cummins CES2076 77 78, DAF, ACEA E3 B3 A3 Volvo long drain VDS-3 and Mercedes Benz 228-3 and 229-1 Specs.

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146-05 – 5 Litres

146-07 – 20 Litres

146-08 – 205 Litres

Euro Special 15w40  CK-4, CJ-4 SM, CI-4, CI-4 Plus, CH-4, ACEA E9-16

New low ash Superior Performance Multigrade engine Oil designed for the latest heavy duty four stroke engines fitted with emission and electronic control systems, designed to meet the latest standards particularly in extended drain cycles.  With the latest in additive technology to provide superior anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant, anti-wear combined with excellent soot control and reduced bore polishing.  Meets or exceeds the following: SAE Grade: 15W40, Cummins: CES 20086, 20081, API: CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, Mack EO-S 4.5, EO-O Premium Plus, Volvo VDS-4.5, VDS-4, Ford WSS-2C171-F1, Caterpillar: ECF-3, MTU Type 2.1, Detroit: DFS 93K222, 93K218, ACEA E9-16, (2016), E7-16, Renault Truck RLD-4, RLD-3, JASO DH2, MB 228.31, Deutz DQC III-10 LA, MAN 3575

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150-05 – 5 Litres

150-07 – 20 Litres

150-08 – 205 Litres

Diesel Blue Low Ash 15w40 CH-4/CF-4/SJ

Diesel Blue is still the preferred oil for older, hard working diesels, including Cummins CES 20076 77 (NTC 400), Detroit 4 stroke and Caterpillar motors.

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155-05 – 5 Litre

155-07 – 20 Litres

155-08 – 205 Litres

Turbo Diesel 15w50 CI-4/SL

Our 15w50 T.D. continues to amaze everybody with its performance in increasing power, reducing wear, stopping oil leaks and extending oil changes and engine life. This Heavy Duty Engine Oil suits petrol or diesel, turbo or non-turbo engines, working under severe conditions. It still gives the best protection with no visible signs of wear and very low to nil oil consumption. After 18 years this oil has never had to have its specifications changes. Engines under light to medium loading should use either 15w40 NG or Diesel Blue.

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160-05 – 5 Litres

160-07 – 20 Litres

160-08 – 205 Litres

UDO Mono 40 CD/SF

Monograde 40 Oil to meet Cat Series 3 and Allison C4 Specs.

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161-05 – 5 Litres

161-07 – 20 Litres

161-08 – 205 Litres

UDO Mono 50 CD/SF

Monograde SAE50 oil to meet Cat Series 3 Engine and in old very tired stationary engines.

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162-05 – 5 Litres

162-07 – 20 Litres

162-08 – 205 Litres

Heavy 40 Engine Oil CF-2

This product had been developed for fleets with multiple engine types, from G.M. 2/Strokes to Cummins, Caterpillar etc. Mostly they would have varying types of work and varying workloads. As it is impossible to make one engine oil to perfectly suit and meet the original manufacturer specifications of several different types of motors, one must form a compromise, if one does not wish to have three, four or more different drums of oil on hand. This also may lead to a dedicated type of oil being added to a motor requiring a completely different oil type.

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Synthetic Oils

129-05 – 5 Litres

129-07 – 20 Litres

129-08 – 205 Litres


Bimrose Full Synthetic 5W30 is a fully synthetic motor oil which uses the latest additive technology to provide significantly better performance in late model petrol and diesel engines. It is suitable for naturally aspirated and turbocharged motors. It ensures better rust and corrosion protection, less oil oxidation and superior deposit control and wear protection. This product is particularly recommended where the manufacturer requires the use of lower viscosity multigrade oil or where vehicles encounter lower temperature operation, providing superior component protection at cold start-up.

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133-05 – 5 Litres

133-07 – 20 Litres

133-08 – 205 Litres


Bimrose 5W20 Full Synthetic is a fully synthetic motor oil formulated to meet the latest technical requirements of modern petrol and diesel engines. It is specifically targeted to the latest ILSAC and API requirements. The modern additive technology provides excellent protection against engine and valve train wear, while controlling oxidation and catalytic converter fouling. Using synthetic oils provides exceptional fuel efficiency.

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134-05 – 5 Litres

134-07 – 20 Litres

134-08 – 205 Litres


This new oil will give smooth operation and quiet running.  This is a highly developed Full Synthetic Motor Oil.  It was designed using the latest in additive and Synthetic Base technology not previously available, in order to achieve such high reductions in wear and fuel consumption in the latest multi cam, multi valve 4 stroke petrol and diesel engines.

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126-05 – 5 Litres

126-07 – 20 Litres

126-08 – 205 Litres


This is a dedicated diesel truck oil for extended drain intervals, ultimate soot control and reduced fuel consumption in virtually all diesel’s except 2 stroke GM’s.  Very good in hard working 4WD’s.

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127-05 – 5 Litres

127-07 – 20 Litres

127-08 – 205 Litres


This is highly developed Multi Function Full Synthetic Motor Oil for use in all 4 Stroke engines regardless of fuel type.  This oil will give exceptional extended service, increased power and reduced fuel consumption.  Excellent in big road bikes.

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128-05 – 5 Litres

128-07 – 20 Litres

128-08 – 205 Litres

Full Synthetic 5w30 C1

Meets Toyota WS Spec. 5w30 is a full synthetic motor oil which uses the latest additive technology to provide significantly better performance in late model petrol engines.  It is suitable for naturally aspirated supercharged and turbocharged motors.  It ensures better rust and corrosion protection, less oil oxidation and superior deposit control and wear protection. Meets Toyota WS specifications, supercharged.

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131-05 – 5 Litres

131-07 – 20 Litres

131-08 – 205 Litres


Bimrose A5B5 5W30 is a fully synthetic motor oil designed for use in high performance gasoline and light duty diesel engines that are specifically designed to use a low viscosity oil. This high SAPS product provides excellent fuel economy and protection against wear and oil oxidation to meet the longer oil drain requirements of many modern European, Korean and Japanese vehicles.

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132-05 – 5 Litres

132-07 – 20 Litres

132-08 – 205 Litres


Bimrose Full Synthetic Eurotec 5W30 is a fully synthetic motor oil formulated to meet the latest technical requirements of a wide variety of modern petrol and diesel engines. Incorporating the latest SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous and Sulphur) additive technology, it is suitable for a wide variety of today’s FSI, TDI and Turbocharged engines. Using synthetic oils provides exceptional fuel efficiency.

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