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First Fill 30 SAE 30 SF/CC

Because there has been so much trouble with new but mainly rebuilt or just re-rung motors, I decided to make an oil that would allow the Rings and Cylinder to wear slightly (bed in), but instead of the bearings etc wearing, the oil would polish all soft components. The normal distance required to do this is 5000 K’s. We had one customer with a Mitsubishi Truck that had the motor “kitted” after blowing a Sleeve seal at 999,954 Kilometres and not worn enough to bed in the rings, (and I have the Piston, Rings and Liner to prove it). When the kit was fitted, Ken came over to see what oil should go into his new motor. I sold him some FF 30, and when I chased him up to see how the truck was going, he told me the FF30 was still in the sump after 27,000 K’. I hit the roof and Ken said: – the oil consumption was nil, the fuel consumption was down, and the truck never ran better. This procedure is very handy when a motor gets “Glazed”, as it allows the rings and liner to wear just enough (not measurable) to allow the motor to bed in and run at top Compression and allow the oil rings to keep the oil in the sump, where it belongs. As Ken said “You always told me, if you wipe the oil off your dipstick while the motor is still hot, rub your fingers together, the oil will not be hot, and if you are unable to feel your fingers, then the oil is still serviceable”. If you should feel your fingers, then the oils additive package is depleted. I have had customers who drove for days to show me that their oil does not get hot any more. When you tell them that is normal while they thought they were the only ones having such a mind blowing experience, it comes as a bit of a shock. Remember the oil is only as good as its film strength, and the film strength is only as good as the additive package you put into that package. The other extreme is, if you use too much additive or the wrong type in an effort to get the film strength high, you can entice Fluid Friction. When I made my first batch of 85w140, I did just that. I wanted to have a Timken O K Load of 70 lbs or more, and ended up with 84 lbs Timken (the method of testing Gear Oil and Grease). When we put that very first 40 litres of 85w14 into the diffs on a brand new Western Star In Brisbane and headed north, the Fluid Friction burnt the paint of both diff housings. We drained the oil, replaced it with ordinary 80w90, rethought the formula and have never in 23 years had to alter that formula. Even after such abuse those diffs never ever gave any trouble.


Mono 30 SF/CD

This version of a Mono Grade 30 weight engine oil was developed to reduce the terrible wear rates in small motors. This made small motors profitable to use after years of endless maintenance, costly repairs and lots of costly down time. It still meets the Briggs and Stratton as well as the Honda Spec.


Multi Use 15w40 SL/CF

The advent of millions of little “rice” burners, made the necessity of a good 15w40 oil that would stand the rigours of teenage exuberance, and the wear and tear that was part and parcel of that period of one’s growing up. Then the same motors were attacked by everyone that thought they could improve their rocket by adding everything from bigger exhaust’s (mainly bigger mufflers, cant you hear them still) more Carburettors, and even Mag wheels. I could never find someone who could explain how shiny wheels made a car run better, more efficiently or more economically. This oil has proved so good that it is being used in drag cars and bikes. One Customer had a Kawaka bored out to 1245 CC’s, which after 3 ½ years of Drag racing there was absolutely no wear. The only problem we had was that as the Barrel was bored out so far it became very hard to get the barrel to seal on the crankcase.


Multigrade Super 15w50 SL/CF

Multigrade Super has surpassed my wildest dreams in both performance and acceptance. It used to be the only engine oil I knew of that could be safely used in most types of 4-stroke petrol and diesel engines in reasonable condition regardless of size. Because of the advances in motor engineering and refinement of boring and the honing of Cylinders, that application has now been taken over by New Generation. It is being used by many large properties, Earth Movers and trucking companies, etc as their only engine oil, removing the possibility of a worker adding the wrong engine oil. The beauty of such a wide Viscosity range is more protection at such differing temperatures and it is much cheaper buying in 1000 Litre Containers. The only drawback is getting people to change to a lighter and such a different detergent, dispersant package when they buy a later model vehicle which needs much lighter oil and one which is able to handle such changes in engine omissions. The other side of the coin is that sometime you will strike a farmer, or similar that will have several pieces of plant, all purchased from different sources. Probably they would have all advised him to use the oil that they sell, (or you won’t get any warranty) regardless of the oil he has on hand. Upon inspection it will often show that in front of every Tractor (for instance) they will each have a drum of oil, and those oils will all have the same specification. This Rubbish about changing oil brands and not getting warranty is just that. The other rubbish banded around is from people selling after market additives, and telling everyone that they will not effect their warranty. I bet you will never find an additive company that will give you the equivalent cover, regardless of the seller’s sales pitch. The truth is so obvious that it is laughable. If you have brand “a” car and your dealer uses, say, brand “X” oil, but if you go to the next town, you will find that that dealer will use brand ”Y” oil. Yet they will both tell you that you must use “their” oil to get your warranty. Remember the dealer makes most of his money by selling spare parts, and that is why manufacturers sell oil branded to suit their products, regardless of source, but that has all changed with the modern vehicle.


All Seasons Super 25w60 SG/CD

All Seasons Super offers the ultimate in year round protection for older or high mileage, competition Petrol, Diesel or LPG engines especially Caterpillar and Volvo truck engines with low oil pressure or oil consumption problems. It is very good in road bikes especially, Motor Gussi, Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda Gold Wing, Ducati, etc. It has a very high Zinc rating for flat tappet motors, and it has very high film strength. It is probably the highest film strength engine oil made and suits a large range of motors, either passenger or competition. We have found it very good in old tractors like Caterpillar D9’s etc, Volvo truck engines that breathe heavy, and yet it will still operate smoothly in motor bikes with wet clutches.


Rejive 40w70 SG/CDII

Don’t laugh at the name! It was originally Rejuvenescence but as I was the only one able to spell it I had to bow to customer pressure and go along with their request to change the name to Rejive. You would have by now realised that all oils carrying the BIMROSE name have been designed to do a specific job or to fill a void caused by the evolution of the machinery of today. We are still receiving requests for products to perform better, and this often requires modification of either their current oil or developing another new product. The Marine industry seems to require products not in production any more, which often means going back to a mono grade oil or to Rejive which has for years been used very successfully in Harley Davidson Shovels, and 2 Stroke G.M Diesels , even though G M always said to never use a multigrade oil in their 2 Strokes. It stops the 2 strokes from High Oil Consumption, Breathing very Heavy and dripping oil. Until now I had NEVER made or sold any oil built to a PRICE, only to the very top of the Specification Table for that product. But with the proliferation of cheaper oils I have been forced to do so to cater for that market and to help my customers keep their customers. To achieve that end I have accepted the Central Queensland Distributorship of LSA Lubricants from Western Australia. Still Australian and still Australian made. All the Bimrose Oils will remain unchanged unless required to meet new API Specifications.



Meets Ford 10w30, WSS-M2C910-A1, Japanese VTN, Energy

Conserving II ILSAC GF/1 and GF/2., A.P.I. SL/SH specifications for Ford Falcons AU on, Nissan, Honda, Jeep, Subaru and Toyota or where economy and pollution control is required. Also required by O.E.M.’s in some later model mowers. The Ford specification has been upgraded to 10w30 replacing 5w30.This oil was designed to meet the clearances, omissions, etc that the AU Falcon Etc required. It has come into its own as Service Station oil, because of its versatility, even though lots of service stations and small workshops are still using 20w50 oil, because they buy oil by price and not by specification. It makes one wonder how much longer these motors would last if the correct oil was used. If a motor is designed to run on 5w30 why on earth would anyone use an oil that is SAE20(

4 times as thick Cold), and SAE 50 (nearly twice as thick hot). Imagine that oil trying to get back down to the sump through holes designed to take SAE 5 Oil., or trying to squeeze through the oil strainer. Imagine the poor oil pump trying to suck it through the strainer, and then pump it through oil ways designed for oil half as viscous.


Rally 50 SG/CD

This is the famous Bimrose Rally 50 which was designed to take the pressure off ordinary oils to allow race motors to run for extended periods without seizing up, getting hot or pumping out oil and dropping oil pressure. It does not seem to matter what size the motor is the results are always the same. When you are able to drive around lap after lap with the valves bouncing, win the race, go home and in the morning, drain out the methanol, and the car is ready for the next race. This happens in all forms of racing, Drag, Sprint, Saloon, Rally, Large Motorcycle and older competition vehicles requiring oil with the highest film strength and lots of body.


Two Stroke Motor Oil TC-W III

For all air or water-cooled two stroke motors, (not in competition or remote controlled cars etc) eg. Mowers, Outboards, Chainsaws, Motorcycles and Weed-eaters etc. Mix at manufacturer’s ratio or 40:1. We have found that, if used with my Upper Cylinder Lubricant the fuel does not go off as readily. In my little 15hp Mariner on a 3.9 Metre tinny, the fuel(two Stroke mix)has lasted nearly 3 years, and still starts second pull every time.


Compressor & Vacuum Pump Oil

Bimrose Compressor Oil is blended from highly refined virgin base oil, with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidisation and anti-wear additives to produce exceptional anti-foam and heat resistance properties. This oil is suitable for all types of reciprocating air compressors, piston, rotary and screw as well as vacuum pumps (as used in Dairies), in constant running compressors as in big garages and panel beaters etc, you should probably use my New Generation, diesel oil. It will keep the unit clean and should disperse the condensation.


Detroit Diesel 40 CD II/CE/CF2

D.D.40 is designed especially for Detroit Diesel (GM) Two Stroke Engines under warranty or on light work or where Mono-grade SAE 40 oil is specified. I know that GM has always preached that you never use Multi Grade oil in a 2 Stroke motor. However, I had an occasion with a GM that was using a lot of oil, blowing lots of smoke and, leaking lots of oil. After a lot of talking, thinking and worrying, we changed the oil and filled it with my Rejive 40w70. When we started it up we were amazed how quiet it ran as the oil reached the various parts of that engine. To my knowledge that motor was never overhauled and pulled a 36 foot cattle trailer for many years, and now pulls the same trailer full of hay. Since then we have saved lots and lots of old 2 Strokes from the scrap heap.


New Generation 15w40 C-I4/SL, ACEA, E3/B3/A3

The problem with giving products specific names is one day they will not sound the same or serve the right purpose. When New Gen was released years ago it was for a whole new range of engines and therefore new oils, hence the name. The types of vehicles using New Gen are still performing perfectly and will continue to do so, this means they will continue to see 20, 30, or even 40 and 50,000 k oil changes, and 400 to 500 hours. Sometimes this necessitates an oil filter change half way and maybe oil analysis. It is amazing to see a motor stripped down because the sleeve seals have stopped keeping the water in the block, where it belongs, and the piston rings have not worn enough to bed in properly. And yet it has done in excess of one million k’s you wonder how much further it would have gone if the sleeve seals had not failed. I often wonder were we would be if I could get every one to change to my oil. Just imagine half as many oil changes, virtually NO oil consumption, and, no break downs except for breakages. All the spare parts shops would go broke, and most of the mechanics would be out of a job. This oil works equally as well in all sizes and types of motors. Petrol or Diesel from small to very large, doing all different kinds of work. It is the only oil I know of that you can put into a V/8 Cruiser, do 10,000 K’s and when you check the oil it is still full. It is beautiful to have customers regularly calling in to say that after 23 years they are still amazed that the buggered car, truck, tractor etc, is still going and does not look like giving up the fight for survival.


Euro Special 15w40 CL4/SM,CI/4, CI/4 Plus, CH/4, ACEA E7-04

This low ash Superior Performance Multigrade engine Oil is designed for the latest heavy duty four stroke engines fitted with emission and electronic control systems, designed to meet the latest standards particularly in extended drain cycles. The makers are extracting more and more horsepower, and more and more torque from these motors. Now with the latest in additive technology we are able to provide superior anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant, anti-wear combined with excellent soot control and reduced bore polishing. Meets or exceeds the following: CJ-4 SM, E7-04, Cummins Ces20081, Mack Eo-0 Premium Plus; Cat ECF-1, ECF-2,ECF-3; Volvo VDS-4; MB 228.1; Detroit DDC 97K218; MTU Type 2; Man 3275: Renault RV1, RLD-3. If your Truck has a Particulate filter then this probably is the oil for you. Remember that the only true guide to the oil for your unit is the HANDBOOK.


Diesel Blue Low Ash 15w40 CG4/CF4/SJ

This oil started life as Cummins Blue, but someone did not like me calling it the same name as their motors. So, overnight it became Diesel Blue and is still the preferred oil for older, hard working diesels, including Cummins (NTC 400), Detroit 4 stroke and Caterpillar motors, as in scrapers etc, working very hard. Holds very good oil pressure and is not prone to leaking oil. It will always go that extra mile. I have just stopped adding Blue Dye to this oil, so in 2012 it will be natural in colour.


Turbo Diesel 15w50 CF4/SJ

Hi Zinc for reduced camshaft wear. This was the first oil produced under the BIMROSE name. What a moment to see your name on something as important as OIL. It started life as 20w50 T.D. It continues now as a 15w50 to amaze everybody with its performance in increasing power, reducing wear, stopping oil leaks and extending oil changes and engine life. This Heavy Duty Engine Oil suits petrol or diesel, turbo or non-turbo engines, working under severe conditions. It still gives the best protection with no visible signs of wear and very low to nil oil consumption. After 18 years we have changed its specs for the first time from 20w50 to 15w50. It has taken until now to have its specifications changed and the RED DYE REMOVED. Engines under light to medium loading should use either 15w40 New Gen or Diesel Blue.


UDO Mono 40 CD/SF Monograde 40

Is exactly as the name suggests. It is an SAE 40 oil @ 40 Degrees C as well as being SAE 40 @ 100 degrees. It also meets the Cat Series 3 and Allison C4 Specifications. This oil is sometimes used in older motors, to try to reduce oil consumption. A lot of people who buy oil on price will use mono grades to save money (which will cost more in the long run) and use it in motors, transmission, gearboxes, final drives, and in Hydraulics even though t5hey charge for premium grade oil. No one would put gear oil in motors or hydraulics, so why use motor oil in the reverse.


UDO Mono 50 CD/SF

Monograde SAE50 oil to meet Cat Series 3 Engine and in old very tired stationary engines. This is Mono grade oil so the previous applies.


Heavy 40 Engine Oil CD/SF

Every now and again you meet someone that seems to have a huge problem. One customer had lots of different brands and types of machinery. I asked him once if he was allergic to owning more than one of each brand. The answer was that then he would only need one number of oil filters. The answer did not impress me but his sense of humour certainly did. This oil is dedicated to him. This product had been developed for fleets with multiple engine types, from G.M. 2/Strokes to Cummins, Caterpillar etc. Mostly they would have varying types of work and varying workloads. As it is impossible to make one oil to perfectly suit and meet the original manufacturer specifications of several different types of motors, one must form a compromise, if one does not wish to have three, four or more different drums of oil on hand. This also may lead to an incorrect dedicated type of oil being added to a motor requiring a completely different oil type. Definitely not for modern machinery requiring high spec, hi tech oil.


Gear & Diff Oils


Solvent – Cleaner

This is an air drying solvent for cleaning parts, washing oil bottles, tins, etc, or removing paint, Felt pen etc.


Light Gear Oil

Light gear came into being to replace Automatic Transmission Fluid in manual Gearboxes. It has lots of applications beginning with meat slicers, lathes, drilling and milling machines, cutting machines, Rodeo and Jackaroo and Mazda gearboxes, 5 & 6 speed Commodore gearboxes, XR6 & XR8 Falcon manual gearboxes, or anywhere the manufacturer recommends either motor oil or automatic transmission fluid.  Remember that you would not put A.T.F. or gear oil in your motor, so why on earth would you put motor oil or A.T.F. in a gearbox!  This product will give quieter running, with less drag in all of the above and smooth synchromesh changes in the gearbox.  No noise and no gear crashing means no wear!  Join the club. A lot of so called experts will howl you down for using LGO instead of ATF, But if you are paying the bills, then it is you that should call the shots. The same thing applies to after market additives. Their sales people go around with a so-called Friction machine, and telling you they will test your oil. I have never seen anything like that in any sort of motor. I have had plenty of examples where a person has seen a Video telling them they can go out and make a fortune selling this product. Sadly I am unable to put into words some of the disastrous results on their lives, and that of their families. With any type of Multi Level Marketing the mark up necessary to pay so many levels of down line must be TERRIFIC. I was going to buy a pair of a well-known brand of good dress shoes from the most well known Multi Level Market company, but just in time I was up town and found the very same shoe for $76.00 instead of $146.00. I used to love walking past someone doing a demonstration with said Friction Machine. They use a known engine oil that will give the required results, and while the machine is squealing  its head off, I would go over , add 2or 3 drops of one of my oils onto the

Friction wheel, and, hey presto no more noise. I am yet to see a better result using after market additives than by simply changing to better or the correct oil. I am always asked which my best oil is. The answer is “The oil that best suits your application, and gives the best results.”


50/90   Gear Oil GL4

50/90 is designed especially for high mileage constant mesh gearboxes, Roadranger, Spicer etc., cars using 90 grade gear oil and tractor final drives where an engine oil or TO4/50 is recommended.  Also used in Steiger and Versatile gear boxes but you must change the transmission filter from a WIX 51259 to a WIX 51768 or 51769 lube oil filter.  Also used in Land Rover gearboxes, transfer cases and diffs in old Peugeot and Rover cars. In modern gearboxes in 4WD & FWD etc. use 75w90 GL4-GL5, either Part Or Full Synthetic.


75w90 Gear Diff Oil Part Synthetic GL4/GL5

For smooth gearshifts cold, reduced temperature, noise, and long life in Manual Front WD and Part time or constant 4WD’s especially Land Cruisers etc.


80w90 Gear Diff Oil   GL5

For gearboxes and diffs in older cars and for transmissions, transfer cases and diffs on older 4 wheel drives not fitted with a limited slip diff.  May us Lim Slip 90 instead of 80w90 but never use 80w90 in places of Lim Slip 90. Its most use is in older John Deere Headers.


Lim Slip 90   GL5/LS

For limited slip diffs. Can also be used in place of 80w90 in gearbox, transfer case and front diff to standardise or to reduce inventory. Sometimes for best results we need a bigger % of Friction Modifier additive to stop shudder when going around corners, because no two diffs are the same.


85w140  Diff Gear Oil   E.P. GL5+

For diffs in most trucks, Scania gearboxes, reduction hubs, trailer hubs, truck wheel bearings, reduction boxes on auger drives and excellent in rotary hoes and slasher gearboxes.  Meets GL6 Spec for older Mack gearboxes and diffs and in any application with high shock loading. This oil would be the highest film strength oil made in Australia, by a country mile. Its has just been upgraded to Limited Slip, Specifications.


Lim Slip 140 GL5/LS

Limited Slip SAE 140 is for use in Ford F100 etc Series, in the rear diff on some Nissan Patrols (which have SAE 90 in front diff) and in V8 or competition Commodores and Falcons.


VINTAGE Gearbox Oil API GL1, 2 or 3

Blended to quieten and preserve crash type gearboxes and differentials (even worm drive differentials), in classic and vintage units, of all types. Derivatives of this product are available upon request for difficult or unusual applications.


Transmission & Hydraulic Fluids



Supersedes the old DXII and was original fill in 4 speed electronic Commodores. Sometimes used by Service people as service fills on all Automatic Transmissions. Definitely not recommended.


Auto Trans Fluid DX6

This fluid supersedes most ATF’s except Type F and CTV. It meets Toyota World Service Spec, Ford MerconV, General Motors 111H, Jaso 1A, Allison C4, Man 339 Type V-1, Voith 55.6355.xx (G607), and Volvo 97340, 97341. DX6 meets the performance requirements of :-

Aisin Warner AW-1,Allison Tes295, Audi/Vw G 025,052,055, 162 ,990.,Ford Mercon FNR5,ChryslerATF’s Mopar AS68RC,Honda ATF Z-1, Idemitsu  K17, JWS 3309,3324, Mazda M111&4, Nissan 402, Nissanmatic D,J,K,S., Shell 3403,LA2634, Subaru ATF&ATF-HP, Suzuki 3317,Volvo Pass Car 4&6 Speed, ,.Dexron V1/11/11D11E,111F/111G. BMW 7045e/LA2634, Lt71141, Hyundai/Kia SP 11, SP 111, Hyundai, SPH-4, NWS9638, Man 339 F/V2/Z1/Z2. Mitsubishi SP11, 111, ATF J2, Mercedes Benz 236.1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, ToyotaT-111, T1v, WS,. Texaco ETL-7045E, 8072B, N402, Voith H55,.6336, .33(G1363), and ZF TE-ML,03D,04D,05L, 09, 11B,14A,11B, 14A, 14B, 16L,&17C.

Bimrose DX6 is an ATF formulated from Fully Synthetic Base stocks, and high performance anti wear additives to give better protection, longer life, smoother gear changes, enhanced frictional properties, reduced deposits and longer service life, by using shear stable additive technology.


Auto Trans Fluid Type 95LE

For 4 speed electronic Fords, etc. Developed to provide longer service life and cooler, smoother operation in 4 speed electronic autos and factory fill 5 & 6 speed manual gear boxes in Ford cars, to which I disagree because it is not designated gear oil.  I would use and recommend my Light Gear Oil, and probably never have to touch the Gear box.


Universal Tractor Oil CD/GL3/GL4

UTO is used mainly in older Massey Ferguson, David Brown, Fiat and International Tractors, in their motors, transmission, final drives & hydraulics. CAUTION! It is impossible to make one oil to perform as well in several different types of situations. You would be better off using an ENGINE OIL IN THE ENGINE, Gear Oil in the gearbox etc. As you can see, the engine is the most important as you do not want gear oil in the Engine. It used to be referred to as STOU (Super Tractor Oil Universal).


Tractor Hydraulic Transmission Fluid

T.H.T.F. is the finest and strongest universal Tractor Hydraulic Transmission Fluid available.  It meets or exceeds the requirements of all major tractor manufacturers, ie. John Deere, Ford, Case, Fiat, Kubota etc. It even makes older Caterpillar Challengers steerable. It is amazing to see the transmission filter come out clean after double the normal service, and the interior of the housing on John Deere’s is a lovely green, instead of that awful Brown from clutch plates etc, and there is a noticeable lack of Metal anywhere.


Standard Hydraulic Fluid ISO 32 to Iso 100

Economical hydraulic oil blended using Virgin Base Oil.  This oil is used where High Temperature oil is not required to combat high frequency operation or very heavy load.

325 & 330

Hi Temp Hydraulic Fluid ISO 32, 46, 68 & 100

Our Hi Temp range of hydraulic oils will work all day without losing viscosity or workability. It should be used in all high efficiency hydraulic systems as in Harvesters, Excavators, Bob Cats, Backhoes etc and as it does not get as hot as normal hydraulic oil, will not harden O rings, buckets or the rubber inside hydraulic hoses. (Hydraulic hoses blow from the inside out, not from the outside in). Imagine how much better life would be if you did not have to change any more ram seals or dirty hoses, and as soon as you touched a control lever the implement attached would move, instead of waiting ages for a reaction. The biggest difference is the actual time it takes to load a truck for example. Stories about so many extra loads per day are quite common, and greatfully accepted. Customers quite often comment that they wish they had changed years ago.


Transmission Fluid TO4/10, TO4/30, TO4/30 Summer Weight and TO4/50

For power shift and manual transmissions in farming, mining and earthmoving machinery requiring TO4/10, TO4/30, TO4/30SW & TO4/50 specs.  Use TO4/30 Summer Weight as an All Seasons Oil and TO4/10 in Allison Transmissions, Because TO4/30 is good in Winter, but too light in Summer and To4/50 is too heavy in winter  the obvious thing  was to build a TO4/40. As there was no such animal I had to start from scratch. Now it is being used extensively in all types and brands of machinery, with great success, and called TO4/30 Summer Weight.