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Molylithtac Multipurpose (Grey Black), NLG1 No.2 EP

Multipurpose Grease Contains 3% Molybdenum Disulfide. This is the ultimate anti-wear, anti-wash-out grease for all chassis’, shackles, universals, turntables or slides and bucket pins. These are the only greases that will stay where they are required and will not hammer-out or wash out. I had one very happy customer that did 1.475 Million K’s in a Mitsubishi Truck, without Touching the Motor, Gearbox, and Diff and still had the original Shackles, King Pins, centre Bearing, Wheel Bearings, Universal Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Etc. The only parts requiring attention were ones that did not have my oil or grease in or on them. And it still passed the machinery inspection over the pit. We had one customer whose wife called it the 6 foot grease, because if you walked within 6 foot of it, it would jump all over you and you would not be able to get it off. So I sold them some good hand cleaners.


Lithium Complex E.P. Grease (Blue)

Lithium Complex is very good in sealed bearings; especially in electric motors and pumps in sawmill kilns using very toxic material. It is also very good in alternators and in cables requiring lighter grease.


Super Red Lithtac (Sticky Red) NLG1 No.2 EP Multipurpose Grease

Since bringing our Super Red onto the market it has amazed our customers by its ability to cling to everything it comes into contact with and how small an amount of grease it takes to regrease, sometimes cutting grease used to 1/3.  This is one reason all of our products cost less in the long term.  Suitable for general servicing of all chassis, suspension and steering, especially under severe and high shock loadings.


Self Leveling Machinery Grease   ISO VG320  NLG O

High Temperature Self Levelling Grease.  For self lubricating systems on trucks, tractors and machinery etc.  Also used as Machinery grease for Cabinet-making, Joinery, Printing, Plus Track Rollers on Bulldozers.