Agents  for:-   Taipan  Traders  Chemical  Supply  Specialists


Budget Truck Wash

Areas of use:  Industrial / Farming.


Onya Mate Truck Wash

Quality high foam truck detergent.  Inhibited / free rinsing.

Areas of use:  Industrial / Farming / Marine.


Air Emulsine Degreaser



Workshop Degreazall

Heavy duty water based multi -purpose economical degreaser.

Areas of use:  Industrial / Farming


Guts-N-Grit Hand Cleaner

Poly-gel hand cleaner, contains no hydrocarbons. Safe on hands.

Areas of use: Industrial / Farming


Hot Tank Cleaner

Exceptional heavy duty alkaline powdered detergent for engine re-conditioners.

Areas of use:  Industrial / Farming / Food.


Spin Wash

Sensational alkaline salts Spin Wash detergent. Use 30 – 50 % less than opposition products.


Aviation Decarb



Aviation Crop Duster Detergent



Aircraft Chopper Wash



Sea Acid

Heavy Duty combination acid based detergent.

Areas of use:  Industrial / Farming / Marine.


Viperfoam Plus

Extra heavy duty chlorinated foaming detergent.  Safe on most metals.

Areas of use:  Food / Industrial / Farming.





Taipan Detergent H.D.

Quality performance concentrated high foam hand scrubbing detergent.  This product has a balanced pH of 6.8 – 7.0 which enhances soil removal due to its unique surfactancy.  It is used in all facets of the food industry for manual sink cleaning, equipment cleaning, bench top, floors etc.  This product may be used in meat abattoirs, piggeries, food processing establishments and kitchens and removes grease, oils and fats.  It does not contain perfumed compounds, is biodegradable and free rinsing.  Is suitable for the abattoir industry.


Alloy Brightene

Is a combination of corrosive acids and unique surfactant systems.  This product DOES NOT contain Hydrofluoric Acid or Ammonium Bi-Fluoride.  Alloy Bright is used to de-0xidise and etches aluminium surfaces with its effects determined by the concentration chosen.  Alloy Bright will act as a derusting product on steel and cast iron components.  After surfaces have been de-rusted, an anti-corrosion compound should be applied to stop flash rusting.  Alloy Bright may be used on alloy fuel tanks, rear alloy truck bodies etc.


Spray & Wipe

Is a neutral cleaning detergent and maybe used for removing various soils in food establishments such as commercial kitchens, cafes, restaurants and all food outlet facilities.  This product is free rinsing and will remove food stains from table wear rapidly.  It is bio-degradable and non corrosive.


Toilet Terminator

Is a highly concentrated acidic disinfectant, detergent cleaner, re-odorant.  Is ideal for cleaning toilets and urinals, will remove uric acid deposits, removes staining and is safe on stainless steel and some reactive alloys.  This product is not based on Hydrochloric acid, which is highly corrosive.  Terminator has high foaming action to remove bug bearing bacteria.  It disinfects and cleans floors, hand basins and shower recesses.  Is a combination of unique organic acids, surfactants, is free rinsing and creates a fresh fragrance for the area being cleaned.  Leaves a lingering acceptable re-orderant.  Is suitable for the abattoir industry.



Oven/Hot plate – Smokehouse cleaner, Highly concentrated, high foam alkaline cleaner built on potassium hydroxide. This product breaks down oils, grease and marinade rapidly. Is safe on most surfaces and has the ability to shift sugar, marinade carbon deposits. Stampede will clean food industry flooring effectively.  Stampede is suitable for the abattoir Industry.



Very active bleach, low cost sanitiser, eradicates most forms of cross infection in the food industry.  Bleach is corrosive, will attack and corrode some base metals if not rinsed off correctly with fresh potable water.


Mango Supreme H.W.

Unique quality powdered alkaline salts de-sapping compound.  Have low level chlorine residual and high tech surfactants. Excellent quality liquid de-sapping product.  Easy to use / Economical.  Areas of use:  Farming / Food.


Cattle Truck Cleanzer

Cattle Truck Cleanzer is a real detergent / sanitizer.  This product removes heavy road soils, stops mal odours and alleviates urine and cattle faeces.  Cattle Truck Cleanzer is an alkaline compound, has a unique surfactant system incorporating stabilised chlorine and is inhibited to reduce attack on metals.  (Does Not contain Caustic or Salt).  Cattle Truck Cleanzer has the ability to cling to vertical surfaces via foaming method.  Cattle Truck Cleanzer will eradicate dangerous bacteria and eliminate cross infections of pathogens (germs).



Highly active alkaline chlorinated detergent.  Kills mould and mildew.

Areas of use:  Industrial / Farming  / Food.


Tropical Wash

Quality veg / fruit anti-bacterial biodegradable wash / sanitiser.  No rinsing required.  Tropical Wash is based on the highest quality chloride and other reactive agents.  Use Tropical Wash at the end of your cleaning program, do not rinse off.  Cover all equipment with this product diluted at 1 as to 100 parts (1ooppm) to eradicate E-coli and other infectious bacteria; this product is safe on all surfaces.  It is ideal for the veg / fruit / food industry such as abattoirs – red/white meat and game establishments, butcher shops, small goods and food manufacturing plants, piggeries, and beverage and fruit juice manufacturers.





Toilet Blocks

Lemon  scent.


Toilet Loos

Cleans portable loos only.


Window Cleaner

Is a solvent based detergent compound which will remove light grime and finger marks from glass or mirrored surfaces.  This product is to be used manually and will evaporate to leave a crystal clear surface and does not streak or bloom. Window Glass Cleaner will stop cross infection on surfaces, is a brilliant window cleaner and can be used on glass mirrors and chrome.  Window Glass cleaner may be diluted with water to clean vehicle and truck windows.


Hands :– Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaner

Excellent hand cleaner, contains no hydrocarbon solvents – is free rinsing.  Hands releases in ground oils, grease, grime etc from working hands.  Hands hand-cleanser works successfully and has a very active anti-bacterial agent to combat cross infection.  is very economical due to its unique surfactants, coupled with free rinsing agents to shift soils.  Hands leaves your hands clean, your hands will not smell of hydrocarbon solvent.  Is suitable for the abattoir, small goods and food industries etc.  Hands product can be used in a wall dispenser.


Internal Bus Cleaner

Highly concentrated disinfectant, cleaner deodorant, Internal Bus Cleanser, destroys offensive mal-odours.  Internal Bus Cleanser will remove soils from vinyl seating and stop cross infection of germs.  This product contains effective surfactant to clean and disinfect flooring of buses and other equipment.  It comes with a range of high grade perfumes such as Orange Crush, Vanilla Breeze, Tahitian Lime and Lavender which leaves a lingering acceptable deodorant.


Molybdite SB

Bio-degradable heavy duty Laundry Powder.  Recommended for cotton and polycot ton blends in all water conditions.  Directions for use: 10-20g per Kg capacity of washing machine depending on soiling and wash conditions.  Add the laundry powder to the water as the machine is filling.  Suitable for use in all water conditions.

Light Soil:  ¼ cupful for light to medium soi8ling in a 5kg machine.

Heavy Soil: 1/3 to ½ cupful for medium to heavy soiling in a 5kg machine.

Hand Washing / Soaking: Approximately 30 grams (1/8) cup in basin sink or bucket.


Polyzyme Laundry Powder

White whites, brighter colours, Recommended for cotton and polycot ton blends in all water conditions.  Fully Bio-degradable. Directions for use: Use at the rate of 5-10 g/Kg dry weight of linen depending on soiling and wash conditions.


Citric Acid



Creme Cleanser

500gr & 5 Kg Liquid cleaner for basins, baths, tiles, bench tops, pots and pans.  Has a mild scouring action.  Extremely effective.  Leaves surfaces sparkling.